How to Stock an East Asian Pantry

We’re entering the second week of celebrations for the Lunar New Year, Year of the Ox. There’s still time to prepare traditional food to bring good luck, so I thought I’d share the contents of my East Asian pantry to get you stocked. And coming soon- a vegetarian potsticker recipe that I made for my celebrations. Stay tuned!

Watch my IGTV video here.

And here are your grocery lists:

Chinese Pantry

Japanese Pantry

Korean Pantry

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    • Hi Natasha, fortunately the internet has everything! I think you can find most of this on Amazon. H Mart and Nijiya also sell online, and there are probably many others. (I’d love to hear others’ suggestions!) Let me know if it works out! Thank you.

  1. Hello,

    Do you have a good recipe for an Asian stir-fry sauce? I am a Kaiser member who follows a plant based diet. Thanks, Sharlene

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    • Hi Sharlene, from my Chinese pantry shopping list, combine low sodium soy sauce/tamari with a little bit of rice vinegar and sesame oil, maybe some Chinese rice wine. Do this to taste in a separate bowl prior to adding to your stir fry- start with just a teaspoon of each, then modify to your taste! Let me know how it turns out! Thank you.

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