Southwestern Scramble Breakfast Tacos (Vegan)

vegan breakfast taco.jpg

What’s for breakfast?

Breakfast shouldn’t take a long time to prepare, but it should be satisfying and delicious.  Here’s an example of the kind of recipes we cook in our hands-on cooking classes, my latest contribution to Kaiser Permanente’s Food for Health blog:  If you like breakfast burritos or tacos, this is a quick, plant-based version that I think you’ll adore.  For the recipe, please visit Food for Health at the link above.

And, in amazing news, I was honored and surprised to have some national spotlight on the Thrive Kitchen in a recent article on food as medicine in Time Magazine.  The article takes a look at how different medical centers and doctors around the country are using food in various ways to improve the health of their patients.






If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, take a class at the Thrive Kitchen! Classes are on the second Wednesday evening of each month and the menu changes monthly.  Call 415-833-3450 or email to claim your spot! To view the schedule and for recipes, nutrition articles and more, please follow along at our healthy cooking page at .

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