Try Something New

One of the reasons why I love cooking plant-based meals and teaching people how to cook them is that there’s almost an infinite variety of vegetables and fruits.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your diet is to “eat the rainbow,” because different colors in vegetables and fruits correspond to different nutrients. Plus, it’s visually appealing, and we “eat with our eyes” first. Make your meal beautiful, and you’ll get more satisfaction from it.

I’ve been following my own advice for quite a while now ;), and recently had a chance to try something colorful and new.

Introducing: egg fruit!

Egg fruit is more formally called canistel ( Pouteria campechiana) and is native to Latin America (specifically the Mexican town of Campeche), and now cultivated in Southeast Asia as well.

It’s so named because the ripe fruit, which I’ve just tried for the first time, has a color and texture (but thankfully not flavor) very similar to hard boiled egg yolk. The farmer I bought it from told me it was like a cooked sweet potato, which is true also.

Flavor: the ripe fruit tastes sweet and truly not too far from a sweet potato, but fruitier.

Nutrition facts: high in vitamin C, also thiamine and niacin.

Have you ever had egg fruit?

What’s the most interesting new-to-you vegetable or fruit you’ve had recently?   

Please share in the comments!

And if you’re interested in healthy cooking, please join our healthy cooking community over at The Doctors Spicebox, or take a class at the Thrive Kitchen! Have fun cooking!

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