Savory Soy Milk Taiwanese Breakfast

Have you had savory soy milk?
I remember not liking this classic Taiwanese breakfast as a kid, although I’ve always loved the taste of fresh, sweetened soy milk. But with my mature palate, I have to say it’s an underrated pleasure! It’s creamy, silky and cozy/warming, and the additions of crunchy, briny pickled mustard green stems and radishes, crispy bits of youtiao (just a little bit of these fried dough sticks), and a kick of vinegar, and it’s everything you want in a bowl. I feel so lucky to be living in a place where I can literally buy all these ingredients down the street, and not have to make a 2 hour drive to The City as was the case when I was a kid growing up waayyy out there on Eastern LI. But if you find yourself in the same boat and don’t have access to an Asian grocery, making your own fresh soy milk is easy, and you can buy dried soybeans online. Recipe for fresh soy milk in my soon-to-be-released debut cookbook, Spicebox Kitchen, available now for pre-order!

I’m tinkering with this savory soy milk recipe as part of my upcoming presentation at The Culinary Institute of America’s virtual Global Plant-Forward Culinary Summit! I will be presenting with great chefs and experts Mar.30-Apr 1 to explore how to adapt menus to be more plant-forward without sacrificing flavor. If you’re in the culinary industry, you can request an invite: Let me know if you attend, and if you do, come and “meet” me at my virtual book-signing following my demo! To your health!