I Love Dinner Parties, I Love Couscous

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I love.

I love a lot

of people, places and things.

I love my tribe and my friends.

I love couscous, watermelon, getting up early in the morning,

preachers, rivers, music, presents, persimmons, paris, purple,

pottery, sun ra, sardines and grits, cherokees, robert, paul

laurence dunbar, puerto ricans, sassafras tea, kane, the mediterranean,

lace curtains, bustelo coffee, children, getting letters,

turnip greens, silver and . . . .

– Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor, Vibration Cooking, 1970


Why do you cook? I cook to nourish myself and my family.  I cook, and teach others to cook, to promote health and wellness.  I cook because I love the art and science of cooking.  I cook because I love food.

This weekend, I hosted my supperclub for a Moroccan-themed meal, and it was a chance to reminisce about our trip this summer to Morocco as well as to consolidate what I learned as an extern at Mourad earlier this year.  I love the above passage from Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor, a fascinating polymath who passed recently.  I discovered her lively writing only after reading her obituary, but share a lot of her loves.

Think about why you cook, and let that encourage you to do so more often.

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