Spicebox Kitchen in Person Event at Omnivore Books on Food, San Francisco 8/21

I have considered myself so very lucky for years to live in a city with an incredible independent bookstore dedicated solely to cookbooks and food writing, Omnivore Books. It’s been a dream to be on the author side of one of their author events, and here it is! My first in-person event for Spicebox Kitchen! Please join me in conversation with Chef Bryant Terry on Saturday, August 21, from 3-4 PM PST. I would love to see you there! We’ll be talking about cooking vegetables, how learning from cuisines from around the globe can improve your cooking, and much more! Book signing to follow. If you can make it to San Francisco, please come! There will be treats!

More information here: https://omnivorebooks.myshopify.com/products/in-store-author-event-sat-aug-21-linda-shiue-m-d-spicebox-kitchen-eat-well-and-be-healthy-with-globally-inspired-vegetable-forward-recipes-3-00-4-00-p-m-free

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