Market Day: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

We spent Spring Break a few weeks ago in the Dominican Republic, the most visited destination in the Caribbean.  The DR, as it is affectionately known, has beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife and nature excursions, and a vibrant culture that pulses with the beat of merengue and bachata.

But as readers of Spicebox Travels know, no trip is complete without a visit to the local market.  So we spent a day away from the surf of Playa Encuentro and Sosua, the daring kite boarders of Cabarete, and our hotel pool to drive an hour west to the city of Puerto Plata.

The Mercado Nuevo (new market) is not quite so new now, with just a dozen or so stalls selling crafts to tourists.   But if you explore further, you’ll find the small produce market in the back, which is popular with the locals.

We stopped there to quench our thirst with the water of freshly opened coconuts, and took some snapshots of the vibrant local produce. The colors of the pumpkin, chili peppers, beans and fruit were so vibrant, they look technicolor.

*     *     *

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