Canary Island Potatoes with Romesco

Have you ever boiled potatoes in sea water? They’re not salty, as you might expect, but instead perfectly briny. Even if you’re landlocked, you can recreate this pleasure in your kitchen. One of the simplest and fan favorite recipes from Spicebox Kitchen is the Canary Island Potatoes with Romesco.

One of those fans is my Kaiser Permanente colleague, Deb Friesen, MD. I recently had the luxury of chatting with her on her podcast, Health Views with Deb Friesen, MD. We talked about my journey to practicing culinary medicine, why I became one of only a few physicians with a culinary degree and how I ended up writing my cookbook, Spicebox Kitchen. Take a listen at Apple Podcasts. Salud!

📷 Michelle K. Min, styling Haley Hazell

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