This Week in Culinary Medicine

Photo credit: Michelle K. Min

I am feeling so honored and grateful to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for #culinarymedicine in four events this week, all FREE! I hope you’ll join me at one or more! Info and registration links below and at my

Wed 2/23 Cal Poly Humboldt Anthropology 329, Food: Culture, Access and Equity (open to enrolled students only). Did you know? I was a medical anthropology major in college. So I am so excited to teach in this class.

Wed 2/23 San Francisco Marin Medical Society Culinary Medicine Series: Keep Your Heart Beeting with Dr. Linda Shiue and Spicebox Kitchen. 6:30 PM PT (open to members only)

Thurs 2/24 South Asian Heart Center Spice Up Your Food, Spike Up Your Immunity: Community Health Huddle. 5:30 PM PT

I’ve been too busy to post recently, but will be back soon with a recipe. Thank you!

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