Backpacker’s Gado Gado from Spicebox Kitchen

Photo credit: Michelle K. Min Food Styling: Haley Hazell Spicebox Kitchen

Summer is in full swing and sometimes that means what you need is a cool salad. Gado Gado, from Indonesia, is one of my favorite salads that can satisfy as a full meal. I demonstrated my version of this recipe, from my cookbook Spicebox Kitchen, at my local public library yesterday. My presentation was part of their Summer Stride summer reading program. As a child, public libraries were my lifeline from my small town to the wider world, and I looked forward to participating every year in the summer reading program. I was that kid who checked out the maximum number of books on every weekly trip to the library, and often finished them all before the next visit. These days, I don’t have as much time to read, but trust me, my bedside table and bookshelves are overflowing. Please watch the video to learn more about Spicebox Kitchen as I walk you through the various sections, learn about my approach to healthy eating and why I think we should all eat mostly plants, and watch me demonstrate this recipe for Backpacker’s Gado Gado from Spicebox Kitchen. You can find the recipe in the book, of course (please check it out!), as well as in this excerpt in Eating Well Magazine. Enjoy!

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