How to Preserve Lemons, for Moroccan Flavor

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preserving lemons.jpg

One of the flavor themes, or perhaps the central flavor theme, of Moroccan cuisine is the preserved lemon.  This is one of the easiest pickles you’ll ever make, using just salt and lemon juice to preserve lemons.   Preserved lemons are used as a condiment and seasoning to add brightness and depth of flavor– what I like to think of as citrusy umami.

If you live in California like I do, you’ll be hard pressed not to find lemon trees overburdened with the sunny citrus all year round.  I don’t have a lemon tree myself, but my neighbor, Jack, does, and he is more than happy to share his lemons, which would otherwise go to waste.

Three months ago, after I started my culinary externship in the kitchen at Michelin-starred Mourad, in San Francisco, I looked over at Jack’s tree and decided it was time to preserve some lemons for…

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