Ozoni Soup for Good Luck in the New Year

My kids went to an elementary school with a Japanese cultural program. As part of that, we celebrated Japanese New Year (Oshogatsu) by cooking and eating osechi-ryori, traditional good luck New Year foods. To celebrate today, we made ozoni soup (dashi, mochi, spinach and carrots) and a chirashi bowl from last night’s sashimi.
Wishing you good luck and good health in 2021! 🥂
😷Mask up!

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  1. As a Japanese American, this was the only Japanese custom my family celebrated growing up. My grandfather would wake up before sunrise and prepare ozoni and osechi for the entire family. My father continued this custom after his passing. Recently, after my father’s passing, we still are continuing the celebration. Ozoni to me means family and love. Thanks for your post. It brought back a lot of wonderful memories.

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