Massaged Kale Salad– A Culinary Medicine Clinical Intervention


I had the great honor yesterday of being one of the speakers in a first of its kind symposium on Culinary Medicine at the American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions, along with two colleagues who inspired my journey to becoming a chef and practicing culinary medicine, Dr. David Eisenberg of Harvard School of Public Health, founder of Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives, and Dr-Chef Michelle Hauser, Chef in Medicine, founder of the first open source culinary medicine curriculum from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, among many other roles.  We all talked about our shared belief that culinary medicine and teaching kitchens are the future of health care, and specifically about how this preventive model of food as medicine can help prevent and manage diabetes.  The video above, excerpted from my presentation, is an example of an inexpensive, quick and simple recipe that can also be used as an inexpensive, quick and simple clinical intervention.  Read about our symposium here.


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