Edible Education 101: Culinary Literacy, Nutrition and Medicine


Dear SpiceboxTravels readers,

Next Wed 4/1, I will be on a virtual panel with 3 others involved in culinary medicine, sponsored by Edible Education 101 at UC Berkeley, and will be doing a brief cooking demo as part of it. Please tune in if you’re interested, and feel free to share widely!
Please see details below and register to claim your free spot.
I will be sharing some resources and recipes on eating well while sheltering in place on this site after the lecture, so look out for that.  Thank you and stay well!


This coming week’s class is particularly relevant to the moment at hand and will feature presentations and cooking demos from some of the country’s leading experts in culinary literacy, nutrition and medicine. We’ve asked our guests to tune their presentations to help our student community identify ways to eat well during this crisis and beyond. Please join us for another special edition of Edible Education 101:

Culinary Literacy, Nutrition and Medicine
Speakers: Dr. David Eisenberg, Dr. Linda Shiue, Liz Fitzgerald, Aurora Sanchez

Doctors receive only about 25 hours of instruction on nutrition in medical school, despite it being one of the central determinants of health. Innovators across the country are working to fill the gap through teaching kitchens, culinary literacy programs, and culinary medicine.

Wednesday, April 1
6:15-8PM PT

Participation is free, but seats are limited so register now.


In response to COVID-19, UC Berkeley has moved classes to online instruction. As a result, this lecture will take place via Zoom Video Conferencing only. Once you have registered, you will receive an email the day of the lecture with login information.

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