Cardamom Banana “Ice Cream”

It’s Day 2 of the 2020 Kaiser Permanente San Francisco 21 Day Plant Powered Opportunity! How’s it going so far? Hopefully you’re enjoying some new recipes from the meal plan I’ve put together for you.  And if you’re craving some dessert, I’ve got you covered!

When patients tell me they know they need to cut down on their daily ice cream habit for health reasons, this is my go-to dessert “prescription.”  This is basically the same as eating a banana, but gives some of the same satisfaction as eating soft serve.  This is just one way to enjoy banana “ice cream”- for variations, you can also mix in other spices, process the bananas with other frozen fruits, and stir in nuts, if desired.  This recipe is also a great way to use up overripe bananas, and one way to reduce food waste.  

Cardamom Banana “Ice Cream”

Serves: 2


3 very ripe (spotted) bananas, peeled and sliced into quarter inch slices and frozen 

½ teaspoon ground cardamom

Garnish: Best quality dark chocolate


  1. Place frozen banana chunks in a food processor. Add cardamom. Grind until light and smooth—it will be just like soft serve ice cream.
  2. Use a zester or peeler to shave desired amount of dark chocolate on top. Serve immediately.


Please comment if you’re joining me and more than 500 of my colleagues (!) in the 21-Day Plant Powered Opportunity and let me know your questions, concerns, requests, ideas, strategies and recipes!

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