Happy New Year! What Should We Eat in 2020?

Happy 2020! I’d like to start this new year and decade by thanking all of you who follow me here. It brings me the greatest joy to encourage and inspire you to cook more and learn to love vegetables, and hopefully improve your health and wellness along the way.

It was in the last decade that I acted on my lifelong love of food and made it a part of my professional life as a doctor. In chronological order: I started SpiceboxTravels.com, added culinary medicine to my doctor’s kit, went to culinary school, started the Thrive Kitchen (starting our 4th season next week!), and wrote my first cookbook, coming out next year! The best part of it has been all the new people I’ve met in the food community, who have taught me so much and helped me along the way, including all of you! I hope you’ll continue to follow along, share your comments, questions and tips, and join me in a cooking class or two if you can.

This photo is from an interview which will be aired sometime next week on San Francisco’s KPIX (watch this space: I’ll let you know when I know!). My many words will be edited down to just 1 minute, so I thought I’d share some useful articles that echo my thoughts on nutrition, for those of you setting personal goals to begin 2020. As always, cheers to your health!





For the 2020 Thrive Kitchen at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, Mission Bay: https://thrive.kaiserpermanente.org/care-near-you/northern-california/sanfrancisco/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2019/12/ThriveKitchenSchedule.pdf

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