Alemany Farmers Market


mutsu raibow.jpg

cauli eggplant.jpg


bitter melon.jpg

purple tomatillo.jpg


long beans.jpg

Today’s farmers market showcased beautiful end of summer/early fall and was also a trip down memory lane—

1. Trying for the first time, pink oyster mushrooms. And those green apples are Mutsu, my favorite as a child on eastern Long Island when we used to buy them by the bushel at Lewis Farms— so excited to reunite with them after decades!! I also ran into a mom I knew from my kids’ elementary school— our older kids are both applying to college now— and a former patient who has gotten married and had a kid since I last saw him!

2. Cauliflower and Chinese eggplant

3. Pomegranates

4. White and green bitter melon

5. Purple tomatillos

6. Tatsoi

7. Purple and green long beans.

Did you go to the farmers market today? What were your favorite finds?