Modern Fruit Salad

watermelon strawberry salad.jpg


This is a no-recipe recipe for a slightly different take on fruit salad which captures the sunshine of summer.  On my trip to my local farmers’ market yesterday I noted changes signaling that summer is coming to an end.  My favorite green plums from Lujan Farms were gone.  I asked if they were just out for the day, as I had gotten a late a start, only to be told they were done for the season!  I also saw fewer heirloom tomatoes than just last week.  So take advantage of the next few weeks before everything is out of season!

This fruit salad is simple: equal parts of watermelon and strawberries, bite sized, brightened with very thinly sliced Meyer lemon and roughly torn mint, and accented with a few drops of orange flower water and a sprinkling of Maldon salt.  Bon appétit!

(And apologies to those of you who saw an earlier draft due to a technical glitch or gremlin!)


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