Immigrant Thanksgiving (And Sticky Rice Stuffing)

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m always grateful for your readership. Have a delicious day!

spicebox travels

sticky rice v2.jpg

In the wake of current events, what better time to reshare one of my favorite childhood memories, a story about multicultural Thanksgiving traditions and my hidden talent. (More on the talent later.) Those of us who can’t trace our ancestry to the Mayflower are left to create our own Thanksgiving traditions. As a result, I think I had the best Thanksgivings of anyone I know. What made this holiday so special in our house was the ever-changing, motley international crew my family hosted each year.

My parents, who came as graduate students from Taiwan (my father on Sept 7, 1966, and my mother in February, 1967) were scientists at a national research laboratory. Their institution attracted scientists from around the world, who would come to work alongside their American-based (if not American-born) colleagues for any time from weeks, to months or even years. While Thanksgiving at our house was not necessarily…

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