Making Kale + Walnut Pesto for Wild Skillet

I had an opportunity recently to meet the wonderful team behind a healthy fast food startup, Wild Skillet. They are planning to disrupt fast food with a much needed concept– delicious, plant strong meals with all the convenience of fast food. In this video, I showed them how to prepare a quick and delicious kale and walnut pesto. Please visit The Wild Skillet blog to learn more about their fantastic concept!

Wild Skillet Blog

Whether you’re cooking it, growing it, reading about it, or eating it, food brings people together.

Today, we’re highlighting someone special. Someone who is teaching it and bringing it altogether using tools from her vocation and her passion for food.

Dr. Linda Shiue, M.D. started The Doctor’s Spice Box after a continuing education program at the Culinary Institute where she came to the realization that combining cooking and her job as a medical doctor is not only something that she could do, but something she should do. 

She gathers inspiration from her culinary adventures all over the world from Trinidad to Hawaii and creates delicious recipes with healthy twists for her blog. In addition, Dr. Linda Shiue hosts cooking classes for not only her patients but also the general public interested in health and cooking. 

For this article, we are featuring one of Dr. Linda Shiue’s simple and easy to make favorites:

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3 responses

  1. Hi Linda,

    I did my husband birthday party on last Saturday. I made Jabche(Korean), Croquet(Japanese), spaghetti(mixed creamy and tomato), tofu stew(korean). It was great feed back to me. I am watching Korean cooking you tube, which is famous Korean chef showing how to make food. I just follow their instruction. I tried shrimp and turkey dim sum today for my husband. My husband wants more big junk shrimp instead of too tiny chopped. Thank you e mailing to me. Have a great week!

    Love, Jecky

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