2013 Nutrition Trends on BlogHer Health– Did I Mention Kale?


As the year is winding down, I was asked to review 5 nutrition trends from 2013 for BlogHer Health.  It was not an easy task– some of the biggest “trends” were actually old news, such as the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, so I left that out.  Others were interesting to me for adding scientific evidence to the medical literature, but perhaps not earth-shattering– like the recent study that showed that vitamins and supplements appear to be a waste of money, and that the best way to get these nutrients is through eating a balanced diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables.  And others were too potentially controversial to be called a trend– such as the recent suggestion that saturated fat may not be all that bad for you.

So what made my top 5? Four nutrition trends that you’ll definitely recognize, including the banner year for my beloved kale, and one fitness trend I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of in the future (hint: technology is involved).  To find out more, read my post on  BlogHer Health.

Which trends do you think will remain strong in 2014? Which trends do you think have reached their expiration date?

If you are craving a healthy, lucky New Year’s dish, please visit my post on Trinidad-style black-eyed peas.  

Thanks for reading! I wish all of you a very happy, healthy and delicious 2014!

5 responses

  1. Where I live everything is really seasonal, so I haven’t been able to get Kale until now. I tried juicing it but honestly, it makes my tummy really depressed 🙂 I feel so sick after green juices! But I do enjoy sauteing Kale with some oyster mushrooms and chicken. Tastes good that way and it’s not too much for me!

    • Where do you live? Seasonal is best! Cooking does help with digesting kale and other cruciferous vegetables, which eaten raw can be challenging to some people. I also like kale sauteed with a lot of garlic and some chili flakes, really tasty that way.

      • I live in Munich! I like to eat seasonally too but sometimes I wish there were ways of obtaining things off-season also. I have read a lot about enzymes (people who are missing some for example) and not being able to stomach green juices well. Interesting stuff!

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