Love and Mooncakes

Mooncakes by Linda Shiue
When you look at a full moon, what does it evoke for you? It makes me think of love and mooncakes.
Today marks the time of year when millions of Chinese families around the world celebrate the Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival. Family and friends gather to eat mooncakes, dense fruit and nut filled pastries, under the light of the full moon.  Pomelos, the Asian citrus resembling a moon-sized grapefruit, are also traditionally enjoyed during this festival.  As with harvest festivals in other cultures, this was traditionally a time for farmers to celebrate the end of the summer harvest season.
In San Francisco, one of my favorite Taiwanese-American bakeries, Sheng Kee, makes modern interpretations of mooncakes that I enjoy even more than the classic versions.  Tonight, we’re planning to have a few traditional flavors– red date and red bean, as well as some newer flavors– pineapple, green tea, and, in a nod to tradition, pomelo.
When I left for college and was homesick, I sent my mother a card with a classical Chinese poem which describes how no matter how far two people are separated by distance, they can take comfort in knowing that they gaze at the same moon.
I remembered that poem today, and thought also of  “The Moon Represents My Heart,” a famous song by  Teresa Teng, a legendary Taiwanese pop star in the 1970s.

Happy Moon Festival!
© 2010-2011 Linda Shiue

2 responses

  1. These are beautiful, I have never tried them, but would love to. I miss my favorite Taiwanese and Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles, we don’t have any really authentic ones here in the North East. I would love to make it.

  2. Hi Lynnette, thanks for finding and commenting on my blog! I wish I could make mooncakes like these. I don’t know anyone who makes their own, though there are some recipes on the internet that look promising. While I have always thought mooncakes looked beautiful, I was never much a fan of the traditional ones– but I adore Sheng Kee’s– they are light and fresh, and the tea flavors are really inventive and tasty. Boston Chinatown might be your nearest bet.

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