Indonesian Avocado and Chocolate Shake


I know this sounds like a crazy idea, but avocado shakes are as popular in Indonesia as strawberry-banana smoothies are in the US. I had my first avocado milkshake when I was an adventurous (and unencumbered) 19 year old, backpacking through Indonesia. What I lacked in money I had in curiosity, and my wide-eyed and wide-open face attracted new friends on my travels. On one of these occasions, and older Indonesian-American couple I met in Bali invited me for a drink. While they were downing potent Singapore Sling types of cocktails, I thought it wise to remain on my guard and avoid booze. I planned to order a freshly squeezed lime or passionfruit juice, but my new friends urged me to try the avocado shake instead: “This is what Bali people drink.” And why not? Avocados are fruits, after all, despite being enjoyed as vegetables on this side of the world. Their creamy flesh blended with ice and condensed milk makes as creamy a shake as any ice cream. Mine was not adorned with chocolate syrup, but if the many Indonesian food bloggers out there are to be believed, this is how it’s done now. What a way to gild the lily, or as my friends taught me to say in Bahasa Indonesia, “mas” (gold).

Indonesian Avocado and Chocolate Shake

Makes 1 large or 2 small shakes.


1 small ripe Hass avocado

1-1/4 cup milk

3 tablespoons condensed milk

5 ice cubes

a few squirts of chocolate syrup


1.   Add first four ingredients to a blender and process until smooth and foamy.

2.  Squirt chocolate syrup into the sides of a clear glass, making a pretty design if you wish. Then carefully pour in the avocado shake.