Memorial Day Drinks and Sides

pina kaleada.jpg

Just in time for Memorial Day, San Francisco summer has begun! That means 50 degree weather, wind and fog, and locals clad in down parkas, while unsuspecting visitors shiver in their shorts and a brand new San Francisco fleece (great business idea!).  That said, many of us will warm up a bit over backyard grills.  If you’re cooking up burgers and barbecue, whether you’re leaning towards meat or alternatives, sides and drinks are always welcome, so I’d like to share of few of my favorites.

For sides, the Edamame Hummus I just posted will be a terrific dip for your raw veggie plate.

I also recommend my spicy Balinese-inspired version of slaw.

And Ottolenghi’s Thai-inspired Rice Salad is always a crowd pleaser.

For drinks, my uber-local Meyer Lemon and Thyme Caipirinha brings in the sun.  (A non-alcoholic alternative that tastes just as great is Meyer lemonade with some muddled fresh thyme.)

And here’s another virgin but festive drink, a Piña Kaleada.  Yes, like a Piña Colada but with kale, and without the rum.  I served this as a welcome drink at the Thrive Kitchen’s Eat Your Greens class.  It brings a little of the tropics, which we in San Francisco can surely use at this time.

Piña Kaleada

This non-alcoholic tropical treat can be enjoyed at breakfast, as a non-alcoholic cocktail or as a dessert.

Serves: 2


½ c coconut milk +1/2 c water, or 1 c light coconut milk

1 ¼ c fresh pineapple, cubed

1 c baby kale

2 ice cubes

optional: ½ frozen banana, sliced (if your pineapple isn’t very sweet)


  1. Place all ingredients into a blender, and blend until smooth.


Nutrition info:

Cal 175, Fat 9 g , Protein 3 g, Sodium 39 mg, Sugar 17 g


Looking to expand your culinary repertoire, or trying to eat more healthfully? If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, join me in the Thrive Kitchen, hands-on healthy cooking classes. And please join The Doctor’s Spicebox, my healthy cooking community on Facebook, where I share recipes and nutrition articles.

The next Thrive Kitchen class is on 6/3 and is dedicated to new cooks, especially young people about to go to college or live on their own for the first time. This special class will be co-taught with Heather D’Eliso Gordon, RD, who has a special interest in plant based nutrition. If you’re interested in enrolling, email Classes are $30 for Kaiser members and $40 for the general public, and include instruction, recipes and a multi-course meal.

To your health!

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