New Year, New-Improved You!

Mt Davidson

The beginning of a new year represents an opportunity for reflection, renewal and perhaps a fresh start. Many people make resolutions.  This year I am making a major life change. I mean HUGE.  What’s new with me? As some of you already know, I am taking a hiatus from my medical career to start my formal culinary education as a professional culinary student at San Francisco Cooking School.  So please wish me luck! Now, enough about me.

For the new year, I’d like to share with you some recent articles on how to improve your health.  While my focus here is on cooking, don’t forget the other essential components of good health: exercise, stress management and sleep. 



  • Eat more plants. Need some ideas? Come cook with me, get some recipe ideas from this blog, or take a look at these cookbooks:

  • Have a well-stocked pantry. I share some ideas here:

  • Take some time to plan your menu each weekend. It will save you time and make cooking on a regular basis much easier.  Eating Well Magazine gives some ideas here:

  • Reboot and cleanse.  Fallen off the healthy eating wagon? I am not a fan of most cleanses, but Bon Appetit Magazine has a very reasonable and delicious looking free 2 week cleanse with a full meal plan and shopping tips.  I might just do this myself! Take a look at the cleanse here, with excellent nutrition tips here:




Don’t have time to workout? Don’t forget, every little bit counts!

  • Take a brisk 10 minute walk after each meal—this will get you to the minimum recommendation of 30 minutes a day
  • Interval train. Got 7 minutes? Of course you do! Do a 7-minute workout to get your blood flowing and tone your muscles.  Try these from The New York Times:
  • If you have a little more time—20 minutes—here’s another workout you can try out:



Meditation is a practice worth cultivating.  But if that seems too challenging, try adding these easy-to-incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily routine:



Aim for your recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep.  Not only will you feel better and more productive, but lack of sleep is linked to most chronic diseases, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

If you need help sleeping, here are some helpful tips:


Thanks so much for coming by.  I am grateful for your readership.  For more information on healthy cooking and wellness, join me on Facebook at The Doctor’s Spicebox.  I wish you a happy, healthy, peaceful and delicious 2016! Cheers!

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