Happy Persian New Year! Fesenjan– Persian Pomegranate and Walnut Stew

spicebox travels

pomegranates and walnuts by Linda Shiue

I have a travel tic.  No, not the plastic bags I carry along because they come in handy.  While I travel to explore the unfamiliar, the first thing I always do when I arrive is to make myself at home.  Whether it’s a room in a hostel, a fancy hotel, or a vacation rental, we’re barely five minutes in the door before I start unpacking.  I transfer clothes from suitcase to drawers and clotheshangers.  Dopp kits get emptied and my toiletries take their places in their new temporary home.  A scented votive gets placed on the bedside table, which is where I will also stack my reading materials.  It must be a fear of displacement, even when I’ve chosen it, that drives me to nest.

So it was especially jarring to me when the vacation rental in London our friends and I had booked over the internet turned out to…

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