Summer Farmers’ Market Fruit Galette

The theme for this month’s Let’sLunch virtual potluck is a dish from the Farmers’ Market.  I didn’t have time to hit the market this week so I thought I’d share this post from last summer for my Summer Fruit Galette.    It’s the most popular post on Spicebox Travels and was featured in the New York Times online last summer, which was a thrill for me! Enjoy!


Summer’s bounty of stone fruit and strawberries is an eagerly anticipated season in our house.  We consume strawberries by the flat, peaches by the dozen, and tiny apricots by the handful.  Despite the sweetness of all this fruit, sometimes you want something more formal for dessert (just a little).  The galette, that roughly assembled rustic tart, is the perfect form for perfect fruit.  This one includes peaches, apricots, and strawberries, but you could easily swap other stone fruit (plums or nectarines) or berries (raspberries, blackberries, etc.) depending on what you have on hand.  I think it’s prettier to use a variety of fruits with contrasting colors, as with the fruit I used here.  Perfect on its own, you can gild the lily by serving this galette with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream or creme fraiche.

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Summer Farmers’ Market Fruit Galette


1 10 inch pie crust

a few cups of ripe fruit: for this galette I used 1 peach, 4 apricots, and 6 strawberries

2 tablespoons demerara sugar plus a little bit extra for sprinkling

2 tablespoons butter, diced into tiny chunks


1.  Carefully and thinly slice fruit and set aside.

2.  Place pie crust on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet.

3.  Starting on the perimeter, arrange sliced fruit carefully into concentric rings on the pie crust, leaving a 2 inch border of crust all around.  Try to make this as pretty as possible, as you would with a fruit tart.  Unlike with a two-crust pie, the filling of the galette will be fully visible.

4.  Scatter 2 tablespoons of sugar and the butter and over the fruit evenly.

5.  Fold in the edges of the crust, to form a rim for the galette.  Overlap the fruit just slightly, leaving most of the galette open-faced.

6.  Brush cold water on the folded edges of the crust and then sprinkle a little more sugar on the crust.

7.  Bake in a 375 oven for 35-40 minutes, until crust is golden and fruit is bubbly.

8.  Serve warm or at room temperature.

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  5. This is such a beautiful way to showcase summer fruit. I will definitely make this once summer hits….only 4 more months to go…
    Thanks for a gorgeous recipe!

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  8. Your galette looks absolutely gorgeous, truly just like a flower, and so easy too. I think if I was feeling extra adventurous I’d put a layer of chantilly cream or some sort beneath the fruit.

  9. Wow such a pretty sight… It’s funny to have come across this post in my wordpress reader today – just last night I made a fig and honey galette (from Deborah Madison) with goat cheese. I like the creme fraiche idea, too!

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